In July 2007 Luc qualified as a baker and immediately started to produce his 100% artisan waffles, calling the business “galettes de Luc”.
These exceptional products, hand-made and ultra-fresh, explain why Luc so quickly won over his customers’ taste buds.


As soon as he had qualified as a Baker, Luc set up business on his own in what was once the village school of Celles.


He recruited his first employee, a friend since childhood, to help with making and delivering waffles. A few months later, he moved his business to the new business center in Celles.


The business was growing well. As time passed, Luc recruited young, motivated and dynamic individuals from the region.


New challenges appeared over the horizon. Luc then himself dealt with some technical difficulties in order to optimise his production activity.


Our young entrepreneur recruited a first saleswoman.


Luc built his own workshop, with a floor area of 1200 m2. His first employee became workshop leader, supervising a team of some 10 employees. A second saleswoman joined the business.

Les galettes de Luc

Fresh or frozen pearl sugar waffles and Fresh or frozen leavened-dough waffles