Luc’s story

In July 2007, having just graduated in “Boulangerie”, Luc started making 100% artisan waffles under the brand name ”Galettes de Luc”.
Thanks to an exquisite, super-fresh product, made according to totally artisan methods, Luc quickly won over the finest of palates.

“Passion and joy when it comes waffles have been passed down to me by my maternal grandmother: Marraine Jeanine.

From a very young age, I spent many hours with her learning how to make decent waffles.

The smell of the dough and the waffles cooking bring back so many memories:
-“Luc, wash your hands.”
-“Luc, they’re going to stick if you forget to oil the iron…”
-“But Luc, let them cook a bit longer, they are too pale for God’s sake!”
-“There you go, you’ve done it: it smells burned, two waffles for the chickens.”
-“Listen to them cook.”
-“Ouch, you’ve burned yourself, quick, let’s kiss it better”
Thanks to my grandmother, I have got to grips with a Belgian culinary tradition: the waffle.
Thanks to her, I make simple, tasty products using artisan methods every day, with quality guaranteed.
For me, there is a real joy in sharing the results of traditional, Ardennes family savoir-faire.

You can taste quality, the difference is there to be savoured. (It’s a million miles away from a mass-produced product).

The company’s story

2007: With his baking qualification under his belt, Luc Mathot started his business in the village of Celles.
2009: He took on his first employee, a childhood friend, and moved to new premises.
2010: The business grew and Luc surrounded himself with motivated, go-getting young people from the area.
2011: New challenges appear on the horizon. Luc optimised his production system.
2012: He hired a sales representative.
2015: He built his own workshops built with a surface area of 1,200m². His team grew and is now made up of around ten people.
2017: He was awarded his first higher level IFS FOOD certification, with 99.31%.
2018: Luc extended his range, introducing a new kind of waffle: The “quatre-quart” made with butter.
2019: Luc decided to go green and built a wind turbine to produce enough electricity for his business.
He now employees 17 people and is looking towards the international market.