Nib sugar waffles

Artisan waffles

These typical Belgian waffles are inspired by Liège waffles which, according to legend, were invented by the Prince de Liège’s chef. This sweet treat was made using a brioche dough enriched with large pieces of nib sugar. The entire Kingdom of Belgium was quickly won over by this new recipe and its delicious cooking aromas.
Caramelised in parts, this soft waffle is characterised by the crunch of the nib sugar.

Different ways to enjoy our waffles

Cold or warmed up (in the microwave or a contact grill), plain, covered in chocolate, fruit coulis or served with a scoop of ice cream and, for a real treat, with Chantilly cream.

Luc’s favourite recipe: Waffle “tatin”

Caramelise apples or pears in a pan. Pour a layer of sugar into a pan and melt until it turns into caramel. Add the butter, stir and then add the apples (or pears).
Quickly brown before adding a bit of water and cook for +/- 30 minutes.
Keep an eye on them as they cook and turn the applies so that every slice is nicely caramelised on both sides. When they have finished cooking, there should be hardly any juices left.
Spoon on to the nib sugar waffle and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And if you want a real treat, serve with fresh cream.



Format options


  • In packs of 5 waffles/420g: Keep for 15 days
  • Loose: box of 25 or 100 waffles: Keep for 15 days


  • Box of 25 or 100 waffles: Keep for 3 months


Our ingredients:

Plain flour
Sugar (glucose)
Non-hydrogenated vegetable fat



Eggs and their derivatives
Grains containing gluten
milk, derivatives and ingredients that contain lactose