Leavened dough waffles

Artisan waffles

These artisan waffles are made with a leavened dough according to the culinary traditions of the Ardennes. Back in the day, these golden treats were traditionally cooked for New Year in cast iron “galettières” (waffle irons) over a wood fire.
Not as sweet and thicker, these waffles are particularly popular among children, young and old alike, for their authentic flavour.

Different ways to enjoy our waffles

On their own, cold or warmed in a toaster, buttered, covered in jam, chocolate or honey.

Foodies will also enjoy the sweet/savoury combination of adding cream cheese with herbs.

Luc’s favourite recipe: simplicity

The best way of enjoying these typical waffles from the Belgian Ardennes is for breakfast, or as an afternoon snack, dunking them in a lovely cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Format options


  • In packs of 6 waffles/340g: Keep for 15 days
  • Loose: box of 25 or 100 waffles: Keep for 15 days


  • Box of 25 or 100 waffles: Keep for 3 months

Our ingredients:

Plain flour
Sugar (glucose)
Non-hydrogenated vegetable fat



Eggs and their derivatives
Grains containing gluten